Bust Belly Fat…Fast!

By Dr Olivia Naturals Support • March 17, 2015


Abdominal weight gain can be dangerous to your health.  Studies show abdominal fat is different than fat you gain in other parts of your body.  It’s yellow fat, and it is inflammatory.  That’s why belly fat increases your risk for heart disease more than just a high fat mass or high cholesterol.  However, most people do not know how to reduce belly fat, so, here’s the secret…. reduce inflammation, and you lose belly fat!  

The “secret” in doing this is your metabolism is constantly being confused and will not adapt to your eating.  My “eat to live” menu is higher in healthy fat, which is great for your metabolism!  Going on a low fat or no fat diet, especially for long periods of time, can hurt your metabolism and cause your body to break down muscle tissue, which will slow down your metabolism.  Which will lead you to store fat and gain weight.  Just like you need to change your workout regimen up because your body gets conditioned, it is a good idea to reset your metabolism with your dietary habits too. 

Another thing you’ll notice on these menus is that there is very little sugar, and the sugar that is there, is not inflammatory.  We get a lot of inflammation and huge spikes in our blood sugar from soda, grains, even whole grains, and higher starch foods like white rice and white potatoes.  It doesn't mean you can never eat these, but if your habits are to eat them daily, and you’re having a hard time losing belly fat, then I challenge you to try eating this way for 3-4 weeks, and see what happens. 

Expect to see changes in:

  • Bloating
  • Belly Fat
  • Energy
  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • Bathroom habits

When you replace filler foods with real foods, your body can focus on making muscle and burning fat, instead of trying to reduce inflammation and detoxify.