Our mission is to produce formulas with a synergistic combination of ingredients to support specific health challenges.

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Dr. Olivia’s Holistic Health Protocol - Detox

Before you can rebuild your body, we need a clean slate. We’ll show you how to detox your body. This way you can begin to shed excess toxins and start feeling better faster. This is the key to seeing consistent, progressive changes to your health and well-being.

Dr. Olivia’s Holistic Health Protocol - Deficiencies

One of the most common issues we see among ourpatients are nutritional deficiencies. They’re so prevalent because most of us areoverfed and undernourished. Compounding the problem is the fact that standardtesting doesn’t properly show you the issues — until it’s too late. That’s why we’llshow you how to detect and correct nutritional deficiencies to bring you a betterfoundation for health. 

Dr. Olivia’s Holistic Health Protocol - Food

What should you eat and what shouldn’t you eat?Most people are very surprised when they realize that many top doctors would have noidea on how to guide you. Why guess when you can test? We’ll talk more about thebenefits of a food sensitivity test and what to expect during the process.

Dr. Olivia’s Holistic Health Protocol - Gut Health

Of all the health pillars we’ve covered this far,none have more downstream effects for weight management, cognitive support, andsupporting healthy levels of inflammation than getting your gut working for youinstead of against you. We’ll provide you with helpful tips on how to really getyour gut and digestive system under control. We’ll begin really honing in on yourgut health so you can start feeling better from the inside out.

Dr. Olivia’s Holistic Health Protocol - The Hormone System

Your hormone system is one of the most complex andintricate parts of what makes you, you. Yet many people never consider the effectsthat proper hormone regulation can have on the body. Proper, holistic testing is soimportant to uncover these answers. By knowing what systems need to be supported,how they’re working all together, you can get the best possible results — naturallyand permanently.

Dr. Olivia’s Holistic Health Protocol - The Thyroid

The thyroid has many jobs and can impact so manydifferent systems in your body — from your digestive system to your metabolism toyour nervous system, and more. And when it gets off track, you can start toexperience symptoms and feel completely lost on what’s going on within your body.We’ll show you how you can take testing in your own hands and get the answers you’vebeen asking for years and understand where your root causes lie.

Dr. Olivia’s Holistic Health Protocol - Outliers

It’s important to understand the outliers when itcomes to your health. Do you have these odd, unexplained symptoms that you can’tseem to get to the root cause of? We’ll discuss some of the underlying processesthat make it harder to get results or feel better, and what to do aboutit. 


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She is so passionate and dedicated to finding the root cause of your ailment,
and to top it off she is an amazing motivator to help you get your health on track.

I couldn't recommend this practice more highly.

Lauren K. - Graves/Hashimoto's

I have never met a more dedicated professional.

Dr. Olivia has spent hours working for me on days off for some of my acute health problems. She's the first medical professional I've ever worked with that I felt was actually working for me.

She's ordered so many tests and listens to my concerns.. and for once I feel I'm working with a practitioner who actually knows more than I do!

I can't say enough about her!

Megan S. - Hashimoto's

Half my hair was gone, I had 15 lbs that wouldn’t budge, I had low energy and would get physically ill after high-intensity workouts, more headaches than usual, sleep was terrible, and I was having stomach issues on the regular.

If I heard one more time from my PCP that “the tests came back normal” I was going to explode!

Not one doctor in my 30 years of dealing with IBS off and on, and constant bacterial infections as a child, ever helped me deal with the root cause.

Get in line to see Dr. Olivia Joseph, people. Get in line.

Mika R. - Chronic Fatigue & Digestive Issues