All good things come to an end as they say. As such, we have had to discontinue some products that we did not move through fast enough to get the quantity discount needed for competitive pricing. 

The good news is that all these products are available elsewhere under a different name. In the list of products below the name on the left is the product we sold and the name on the right is the name you can find that product under with a simple google search.

Adrenal Angel >> Adrenal Complex
Adrenal Thrive >> Adrenotone
Belly Balance Microb >> GI Microb X
Berberine Plus >> Berb-Evail
Black Cumin Complex >> Annatto-E™ Synergy
Clean Greens >> Paleo Greens
DHEA Angel >> DHEA 5mg
DigestAid >> Digestzymes
GI Calm >> GI Revive Powder
Hista-Aid >> Hista EAZE
Ideal Body Kit - Lean Body Kit
Immune Boost Complex >> Immunitone Plus
Lysine-Amino >> L-Lysine
Metabolic Balance >> Metabolic Synergy
Mitochondrial Vitality >> Mitochondrial NRG
MTHFR Support-1 >> L-5-MTHF
Pregnolone Angel >> Pregnelone CRT
Prenatal Power Pack >> Prenatal Pro Packets
Pro S-Boulardii >> Floramyces (Sach Boul)
ProbioComplexPlus >> Probiotic Synergy spheres
Probiotic Complex >> Probiophage DF
ProteoZyme >> Natto-Serrazime
VegeDetox Kit >> 14 Day VegeCleanse Kit