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Friends & Family VIP Program

This is your ONE CHANCE for lifetime access to purchase Dr. Olivia's [soon to be released] Turmeric Inflammation Complex at "ZERO PROFIT PRICING"

There's just one extremely small catch...

From the desk of the Shawn Cornett, CMO of Dr. Olivia Naturals...

We had always talked about giving our friends and family a good deal, but Dr. Olivia initially thought I was crazy when I proposed the idea that we offer our products at a ZERO PROFIT price point... and to make this a lifetime offer is what really confused her! I understand the idea doesn't initially seem to carry any logic. Basic business instinct dictates that products must be be priced above their cost to make a profit and stay in business.

So why are we making this offer? 

We're not in this for the short run and we're not out to make a quick buck. We want to create an extremely loyal group of customers (and if they happen to be friends and family all the better) using our Turmeric Inflammation Complex who are willing to give us real world feedback (the good and the bad) so that we can keep tabs on the efficacy of our product and your satisfaction with it over the long haul. Essentially what this means is that when we send a 60 second follow up survey every 3 months, we expect to hear from you and we expect you will be willing to give us honest feedback.  Don't worry about hurting our feelings or anything like that, we want to hear about the good and bad.

"ZERO PROFIT PRICING" is good, but I personally believe this next little bonus perk is far more valuable...

Prior to joining the team, I was a paying patient of Dr. Olivia's for several years. Over this time I literally spent thousands of dollars for direct access to her expertise... and I was happy to do so!  Dr. Olivia is a clinical nutritionist with a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology. She also holds a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, and is board certified in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. By any objective standard, she is an expert in the world of health and nutrition. As a special bonus perk you will have exclusive access to attend regular live broadcast Google video hangouts where Dr. Olivia will answer any question you have within the wide world of health and nutrition.


No actually there isn't. This is no infomercial and we're not twisting your arm. I sincerely hope you will be joining our VIP Customer Program, but if you don't see the value by now, then it clearly isn't for you. Just understand one thing...

You will not see this invitation again!

You received this offer is because of a friend or family connection to Dr. Olivia Naturals, but no matter how close your relationship is, once we pull this offer... it is gone for good. 

So what's the next step you ask?

Simply complete our short VIP Customer application survey below. Details on when Dr. Olivia's Turmeric Inflammation Complex will be released, how you can purchase it at ZERO MARKUP PRICING and much more will be communicated via email. 

I wish you the very best of health.


Shawn Cornett

Chief Marketing Officer
Dr. Olivia Naturals, Inc.

P.S. You may be looking forward to the ZERO MARKUP PRICING and the open access to Dr. Olivia's expertise, but I'm looking forward to hearing about the incredible impact our Turmeric Inflammation Complex can have on your life. Please take the time to fully complete this survey so we can get a good starting point for your experience with our product.


Fill out my online form.

As long as this page is still up and taking applications, you're welcome to share this offer with anybody you think could benefit. Here are some hotlinks to make it easy... 

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