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VIP Member Only Message From Dr Olivia

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Dr Olivia NaturalsHello VIPs!

It's Dr Olivia here with an exciting announcement and very special (one time only) VIP Member offer...

When I launched this company last year with my business partner Shawn Cornett (who heads up the marketing side of things), we debated at length which formula to start with. I can't exactly say it was a heated debate, but it was certainly one of differing opinions. 

Shawn was passionate about going with a Turmeric Inflammation Complex because of how a combination of it's ingredients impacted his situation dealing with constant daily wrist and joint pain and inflammation.

The vast majority of us are dealing with inflammation of some nature, so I wasn't opposed to this direction, especially since the effects of inflammation can so dramatically impact people in a negative way. 


There are a couple areas I believe every single person in America need to be supplementing. Today we're rolling out a formula addressing one of these areas.

Have you ever...

  • experienced the drain of physical or emotional stress? 
  • had difficulty enjoying restful sleep?
  • endured muscle cramps or restless leg?

These conditions and many more (do a quick google search and you will be blown away) have been linked to Magnesium deficiency. My friends, this is a mineral I'm very passionate about and have taken daily for more years than I can count. 

Unfortunately, not all Magnesium is created equal!

For the body to assimilate this critical mineral, you need the purest form of magnesium and the proper supporting cast of other ingredients. I'm proud to say we've formulated our newest product to meet this high standard.

Meet the new addition: Magnesium Glycinate Muscle & Nervous System Support Complex

Dr Olivia Magnesium Complex

So, about that deal... how does free sound?

Today is VIP discount day. As always you get a discount code to purchase my Turmeric Inflammation Complex at cost. This month (and this month only), we're also going to give you a bottle of my new Magnesium Muscle & Nervous System Support 100% FREE.

In future months if you want to continue on the Magnesium Complex (and you should) then we will provide a discount code to buy it at our cost as well.


  1. Go to, search for "Anti Inflammatory Supplement", scroll down till you find our product, then add it to your shopping cart.
  2. Go back to the search bar, search for "Dr Olivia magnesium", then add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and apply BOTH of the following discount codes in the "Add a gift card or promotional code" area which should be in the "Payment Method" section during checkout.
    • Discount code "5RFJ8DXG" will reduce the price of up to two bottles of our Turmeric Inflammation Complex by $20 a piece.
    • Discount code "U6WK3SFG" will reduce the price of one bottle of our Magnesium Complex to zero. 


I'm super excited for you to try our new product and look forward to your feedback!


Dr Olivia Joseph

Dr Olivia Joseph Signature

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